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Upneeq Eye-Opening Lift Eye Drops in Boston & Newburyport

Upneeq is a prescription eye drop that helps treat low-lying lids. Eyelids that are low-lying can both affect our appearance and also affect our sight. With these prescription eye drops, you can improve the aesthetics of your eyes while also helping open your eyes. We work with our patients in Newburyport and Boston to help them find out if Upneeq is right for them and provide these eye drops once prescribed. If you have questions about Upneeq or other services we provide that can help shape the eyes and eyelashes, please contact either of our offices or read on for more information. 

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What Is Upneeq?

Upneeq is an oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution that treats blepharoptosis. Simply put, Upneeq is an eye drop that helps push the eyelids away from the eye. Just like eyedrops that can help dilate the eye, these eye drops are often used to help improve vision for patients. Low-lying eyelids or blepharoptosis can have both aesthetic and functional symptoms. 

Anyone who has ever experienced eyelid swelling, or even the much more common experience of having your eyelids feel “heavy” when you are sleepy understands how eyelids can impact vision. When our eyelids start to close around our eyes it can create a vignette effect and prevent light from getting into our eyes. While swelling or low-lying eyelids due to sleepiness are temporary, many people have eyelids that are low-lying at all times of the day. 

If your eyes look “sleepy” or “tired” all the time even when you are not impacted by a loss of sleep or similar temporary issues, you might have blepharoptosis. Upneeq can help you open your eyes and get rid of this “sleepy” appearance. 

What Causes Blepharoptosis (Low-Lying Eyelids)

Acquired blepharoptosis is a common medical condition that can arise in almost anyone. It occurs most often as we age. The most common cause is that the muscles in the eyelids begin to weaken over the years leading to our eyelids getting looser and drooping. Although it can be caused by other catalysts as well. Cataract surgery, wearing contact lenses, underlying medical conditions, and other similar situations can lead to acquired blepharoptosis. 

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Other Eye Treatments Offered By Suite Six Medical Aesthetics:

Upneeq isn’t for everyone and is a treatment specifically for Blepharoptosis (Low-Lying Eyelids). If this treatment isn’t right for you, we have other eye treatments that can help reshape your eye and improve its overall aesthetic appearance. 

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If you are interested in eye shaping treatments like Upneeq, eyebrow shaping, lash lifting & tinting, or similar treatments, the team at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics would be happy to help! We provide many great treatments and are able to match our patients to the perfect treatment plan based on their goals. 

For more information about our treatments, or for information on our procedures that can help reshape your eyes, please call one of our two offices. 

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