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Botox® in Boston & Newburyport, MA

Botox Cosmetic is a great choice for any man or woman who is trying to combat the signs of aging especially around the eyes, nose, and mouth. One of the earliest physical signs of aging is wrinkles and lines appearing around the face. If this is a concern for you, Botox is a great choice to help create a more youthful look. We provide many different injectables at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics as well as many other treatments and procedures that can help combat the signs of aging while also promoting healthier skin. If you are interested in setting up a consultation with our team, please contact either of our offices, or read on to learn more about how it works, pricing, treatment advice, and more! 

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Benefits of Botox Cosmetic & Treatment Areas

Botox Cosmetic is one of the most popular neuromodulators in the world. As a neuromodulator, Botox works by blocking signals from the nerves in the treatment area which prevents muscles in that area from contracting or moving. Simply put, this relaxes the muscles in the treatment area, which helps decrease the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is commonly used for cosmetic treatments including facial wrinkles. 

Botox Cosmetic is one of the most trusted injectables for handling signs of aging around the face. In fact, many patients even consider preventative Botox. By getting Botox Cosmetic injections right as lines and wrinkles begin to appear, and combining these treatments with other skincare treatments you can delay the signs of aging. If you are interested in getting Botox, we would be happy to set up a consultation at either our Boston or Newburyport office to discuss Botox or other injectables and skincare treatments. 

What Do I Need To Know Before I Get Botox Cosmetic?

How Much Does Botox Cosmetic Cost In Boston?

Botox Cosmetic is frequently priced per unit. Different treatments will require more or less units based on the treatment area. For example you might need anywhere between 10 and 50 units to address forehead lines. During the consultation process, our team will provide recommendations based on our goals. We have a full pricing page for many of our services including our injectables. We also offer a great membership plan that includes discounts on some of our most popular treatments. And of course, you can always check out our specials page to see any active specials we are running at our practices. 

The Botox Timeline

How Long Does It Take To Get Botox: Cosmetic Botox injections can take around 15 minutes. However, your entire treatment might be a little bit longer especially if you are having a consultation first. That said, injectables is typically a very quick appointment. 

How Long Does It Take Botox To Work: Unlike fillers, the effects from Botox Cosmetic are not instant. Because Botox works by decreasing muscle movement temporarily, you see the results after the fact. Botox Cosmetic results tend to appear within 1-4 days after your initial treatment. However, full results tend to show up around 10 to 14 days.

How Long Does Botox Last: Typically patients see continued results for 3-4 months after their treatment. Although this can vary from patient to patient. 

I love Suite Six Medical Aesthetics. Their cosmetic products are the best! This is the place where to get the look and appearance you are looking for. Customer service is excellent. The staff and nurses are nice and patient. They are with you in every step from start to finish and the end results is amazing! I highly recommend Suite Six Medical Aesthetics.
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If you are interested in Botox Cosmetic, other fillers & injectables, or are interested in de-aging treatments, please contact Suite Six Medical Aesthetics. Our offices in Boston and Newburyport would be happy to help set up an appointment for you. We provide many different treatments and can help patients find the perfect procedure for their goals. We treat every one of our clients as an individual and help tailor your treatment plans to your specific goals. If you have any questions about Botox, please check out our FAQ section below, or give us a call. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Botox Cosmetic

Botox is made of Botulinum toxin. It is a neuromodulator or neurotoxin that works by deactivating the nerves that cause muscles to contract in the treated area. This has the effect of decreasing muscle movement for a short period of time which leads to a decrease in wrinkles lines. 

Many patients get both. But it really depends on your goals. Botox Cosmetic is recommended for fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers often work by stimulating the production of collagen and also adding volume to areas of the face Combined you can promote healthier skin, decrease the visibility of lines and wrinkles, and also add volume to the lips and cheeks.

Unfortunately no. While there are ways to reverse fillers immediately after getting them, Botox is irreversible. However, the results of Botox Cosmetic tend to fade over time. 

Botox takes up to two weeks to work fully. So if you are planning to get injectables before an upcoming event like a wedding, graduation, or other occasion it is recommended to plan at least a month out. This gives you time for a consultation, treatment, recovery, and for your full results to appear.

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