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You don’t need major surgery to achieve the physique of your dreams. Evolve is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that tightens skin, eliminates fat and stimulates muscle growth. At Suite Six Medical Aesthetics, we offer this advanced body contouring solution to the residents of Newburyport, Boston and Salem, MA.

What is Evolve?

Evolve is a non-invasive body contouring solution from InMode. While many body sculpting procedures require invasive techniques, Evolve uses unique technology to rejuvenate skin tissue, eliminate fat and strengthen the muscles without ever breaking the skin’s surface. This is all possible with a combination of radiofrequency (RF) energy and electromagnetic stimulation (EMS). RF energy tightens the skin and eliminates stubborn fat, while EMS triggers muscle activity to strengthen and grow the muscles.

How Much Do Evolve Treatments Cost in Boston & Newburyport, MA?

The cost of your Evolve treatment at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics can vary depending on the extent of treatment necessary to deliver your desired results. During your initial consultation, we will assess your treatment goals in order to develop an individualized treatment plan. Once we determine the treatment approach that is best for you, we will be able to provide you with the exact cost of your treatment. We accept traditional payment methods and offer financing through CareCredit® for your convenience.

What are the Benefits of Evolve?

Evoke has multiple body applicators to provide patients with a range of treatment benefits. Thanks to the gentle, non-invasive treatment technologies, Evolve is a great option for addressing the arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks. It offers the following benefits:

  • Hands-free treatment – no need for hands-on physician care
    • Ideal social distancing treatment
  • Completely non-invasive
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • Comprehensive body remodeling

What is the Evolve Treatment Like?

The Evolve treatment is non-invasive and completely hands-free. This means that our team will place the Evolve applicators onto your desired treatment area, which will deliver the treatment automatically as we externally monitor the treatment process. Evolve has several applicators, either designed for skin tightening, fat reduction, muscle growth or a combination of the three. After being placed onto the desired treatment area, they will emit RF energy to trigger tissue remodeling. This is a comfortable process that may create a warming sensation in the treatment area. Evolve may also use EMS technology to trigger muscle activity. This will cause rapid muscle contractions, which may feel similar to a strenuous workout in the gym. The duration of your treatment will depend on the devices and technologies used, but is generally completed in less than an hour.

Evolve Trim and Tite Before and After Pictures Boston, MA
Evolve Trim and Tite Before and After Pictures Boston, MA

Is There Any Downtime After Evolve Treatments?

There is no downtime or recovery period following Evolve treatments. You will be able to return to work and other activities immediately after your appointment. You may experience some redness or sensitivity in the skin following treatment, as well as some muscle soreness, but these symptoms typically fade within a few hours.

What Results Can I Expect from Evolve?

Evolve triggers gradual tissue remodeling, fat reduction and muscle growth that becomes increasingly visible in the weeks following treatment. You may begin to see results about one month after treatment, but full results will not be visible for 3-6 months. Furthermore, multiple treatment sessions are required for optimal results. We typically recommend a series of 3-6 treatments, performed in weekly intervals.

To get started with Evolve treatments at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics or determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment, contact us today to schedule your consultation. We are proud to offer this non-invasive body contouring solution to the residents of Newburyport, Salem, Boston and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts.