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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) – Biote

BHRT or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has many benefits for men and women. Here at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics we provide Biote’s BHRT treatments at both of our offices in Boston and Newburyport. BHRT treatments can help men and women handle issues related to hormonal imbalance including lack of energy, weight gain, mood changes, problems sleeping, and other health and lifestyle issues. If you are interested in learning more about BHRT, read on to learn about benefits, who BHRT is right for, how BHRT treatments work, and more. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with either of our offices, please give our offices a call.

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Benefits of Biote's Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age one common change is how our bodies produce and balance hormones. Throughout our body we have glands that produce and release hormones that send messages to many of the different systems of the body. An imbalance in hormones can greatly impact our day to day life. Bioidentical hormones are biologically identical to the hormones our bodies naturally produce and can offset that imbalance.  

Many patients are are experiencing symptoms as part of menopause or perimenopause, the transitionary period right before menopause, received BHRT because it can offset the hormonal imbalance caused by this process. This includes helping with hot flashes, urinary issues, sleep problems, changes in mood including both depression and mood swings, etc. 

Other reasons people seek out BHRT is to address issues like sexual health and wellbeing as well as weight gain caused by shifts in metabolism as we age. 

How Can BHRT from Biote Affect Sexual Health?

Sexual health is greatly impacted by the development and distribution of hormones. On a mental level, our sexual appetites, enjoyment, and experience are often mitigated by the production of hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Lower levels in these hormones for both men and women can cause a decrease in sex drive. On the physical side of things, decreased hormones can lead to issues with arousal including erectile dysfunction & vaginal dryness. This can have a profound impact on sexual health for both men or women. BHRT can replace and off-set the body’s natural decreased hormone levels to improve both men and women’s experience of these symptoms. 

Can BHRT Treatments Help With Weight Loss?

A common issue for men and women as they age is noticing that the body doesn’t respond to diet and exercise the same way. Even without changing your diet or exercise in any meaningful way, you might notice an increase in body fat or in weight. This can be because changes in hormone levels are leading to a lower metabolic rate. It can be frustrating remembering a time where it was easier to transform your body through simple health changes, and even more frustrating knowing that you are living a healthy and active lifestyle but not getting the results you’d expect. Through BHRT treatments, hormonal imbalances can be addressed to help improve how our bodies burn calories. It is important to note that BHRT is designed to address issues caused by hormonal imbalance. If weight gain is caused by hormonal imbalance BHRT treatments would likely help, but if weight gain has other contributing factors, it might not be the right treatment for you. 

How Do Biote's BHRT Treatments Work Exactly?

Biote uses pellet therapy for treatment. During pellet therapy a small pellet containing the hormones is inserted subcutaneously (below the skin). The pellets are gradually absorbed and hormones are dispersed throughout the body. This is a quick and simple in-office procedure at either our Newburyport or Boston office. Pellet insertion only takes a few moments. Bioidentical hormones can be administered orally, through topical products, or through the pellet method, but the pellet method is often chosen because it provides long-term consistent results. The hormones are slowly absorbed into the body over time. One of the issues with oral supplements or topical products is that they create a “rollercoaster” effect where hormones suddenly spike and then drop. Pellet therapy provides a more subtle and consistent on and off ramp. 

How Long Does Biote's BHRT Treatment Last?

Consultation: An initial appointment with Six Suite Medical Aesthetics will involve discussing your symptoms. Here at Six Suite Medical Aesthetics it is our goal to craft comprehensive treatment plans that are uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. Everyone is unique and we offer a large variety of treatment options and products at both of our offices to help our patients feel their best.

The Procedure: The procedure itself only takes a few minutes for a pellet to be inserted into the body beneath the skin. Once inserted, many patients report that they begin to feel the effects as soon as four weeks or one month after the treatment. Full hormone optimization can take up to 6 months, and many patients have reported feeling even better and more profound results after their second treatment. 

Effect Duration: A single pellet can deliver results for 3-5 months. Many patients receive pellet treatments twice per year. 

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Here at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics it is our goal to help men and women feel their absolute best. There are many different issues that can arise as we age from physical to the way our moods, weight, and bodies feel on a day to day basis. Through BHRT treatments we can offset some of the symptoms that are so closely tied to aging. Interested in trying Biote’s BHRT, or interested in learning more about our wellness treatments? We would be happy to discuss our treatments with you at an appointment at either our Boston or Newburyport offices. Please give either of our offices a call to set up an appointment with our team.

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