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Featured Product of the Month

Each month, we’ll highlight a unique product offered at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics. Check back monthly to get the latest information on new and exciting products. You might also get an exclusive discount! These products are available in-office for our patients in Haverhill, Boston, Newburyport and the nearby areas of Massachusetts.

This Month’s Featured Product:

C E Ferulic® 

C E Ferulic® is a Vitamin C serum from SkinCeuticals, one of the world’s leading skincare brands. It uses Vitamin C, Vitamin E and ferulic acid to protect the skin from environmental damage.

What are the Benefits of C E Ferulic®?

C E Ferulic® offers a range of benefits for patients looking to restore youthfulness to the skin or simply enhance their skin health. The primary benefits include:

  • Neutralizes free radicals for environmental protection
  • Improves lines and wrinkles
  • Restores firmness
  • Brightens complexion
  • Prevents the impact of ozone damage
  • Effective for 72 hours after application
  • Paraben-free
  • Ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin types

How to Use C E Ferulic®?

Apply C E Ferulic® to your dry or damp face and neck once a day in the morning. Use 4-5 drops of the product to keep your skin protected from environmental aggressors, like cigarette smoke and diesel engine exhaust. You can apply makeup on top of it after it’s absorbed.

When Will I Notice Results from C E Ferulic®?

In clinical studies, patients experienced significant results from C E Ferulic® after 12 weeks of use. Specifically, they experienced the following results:

  • 37% increased skin firmness
  • 27% reduction in the appearance of fine lines
  • 36% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles

If you’re interested in C E Ferulic®, click the button below to order it from our online store. Customers get 10% off their first purchase!

Suite Six Medical Aesthetics offers a range of medical spa services, cosmetic treatments and skin care products to help patients look and feel their best. Check back here every month to learn about our featured products and get limited-time discounts! We welcome patients from Salem, Boston, Newburyport and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts.

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