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Emsculpt in Boston & Newburyport, MA

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt in Boston & Newburyport, MA Emsculpt is the next generation of non-invasive body contouring. This revolutionary treatment not only reduces fat, it also builds and tones muscles-perfect for individuals who want to transform their physique, not just shrink their waistline. Using state-of-the-art HIFEM energy, Emsculpt is FDA cleared and scientifically proven to stimulate muscle contractions in the abdomen and buttocks. A single, 30-minute treatment offers the equivalent of 20,000 squats or 20,000 crunches, building and toning muscles in a manner that is impossible to achieve on your own at the gym. The result is a slimmer, sculpted appearance accentuated with chiseled abs and a firm, toned buttocks.

Build muscle and burn fat with Emsculpt in Boston and Newburyport from Suite Six Medical Aesthetics. Learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation today by filling out an online contact form or calling us directly at (978) 358-8178.

What are the benefits of Emsculpt body contouring?

  • Build and strengthen muscle tone Emsculpt in Boston & Newburyport, MA
  • Melt away stubborn bulges
  • Sculpt abs & reduce belly fat
  • Non-invasive butt lift
  • Safe, non-invasive & No downtime
  • Painless, 30 minute treatment
  • FDA cleared & Clinically proven
  • Natural looking, long lasting results

How many treatments will I need of Emsculpt?

For optimal results, Suite Six Medical Aesthetics recommends four 30-minute treatment sessions over the course of a two-week period. Best results will be seen after 3-months with continued improvement over a 6-month time period.

How does Emsculpt work?

Emsculpt utilizes High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic (HIFEM) energy to transform your body in two dramatic ways:

  1. BUILD AND TONE MUSCLE: Emsculpt is FDA cleared to target two major muscles groups: the abs and the gluts. During a treatment, an applicator is positioned over the abdomen or the buttocks. This applicator safely and painlessly penetrates the underlying muscle tissue with HIFEM energy. The energy induces supramaximal muscle contractions. These types of contractions are far more powerful than what you can achieve by working out or lifting weights at the gym. In fact, one 30-minute treatment with Emsculpt is equal to performing 20,000 squats or 20,000 crunches. This effectively builds muscle mass, improving strength, tone, and definition, making Emsculpt the world’s first non-surgical butt lift and a great way to sculpt washboard abs.
  2. MELT AWAY FAT: Emsculpt can also reduce belly fat, love handles, and other stubborn bulges that expand the waistline and obscure muscular definition Using HIFEM energy, Emsculpt disrupts subcutaneous fat cells, triggering apoptosis, or the natural process of cell death and elimination Over the course of several weeks, the lymphatic system collects the damaged fat cells and processes them out of the body in the form of waste.

BY REDUCING FAT +INCREASING MUSCLE MASS Emsculpt at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics provides the most comprehensive, non-invasive body contouring available on the market.

Tighten your abs or boost your booty over your lunch break with Emsculpt at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics. Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation. (978) 358-8178.

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