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What’s new to Suite Six this year?

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Here at Suite Six we are constantly updating our technology to bring you the best and most efficient treatments! We are more than ecstatic to welcome the Harmony Laser from Alma, with the latest technology in hair removal, photofacials, vein removal, and more. The Harmony is known for its unbeatable, pain free results with fast treatment series as seen on The View and Doctor Oz.

Let’s be honest, you have been fighting the razor all of your life, and waxing is no one’s favorite treatment. Don’t give up here, laser hair removal with the Harmony laser will change your life! No more waxing, no more shaving, no more razor burn or ingrown hair! You might ask what makes the Harmony laser hair removal different from any other laser? The Harmony laser is developed to deliver pain free treatments, where most people won’t feel a thing! After one treatment, you will be thinking why would I go to anyone else?

Not only, does the Harmony deliver the best technology for laser hair removal, but also delivers the best results in photofacials. Photofacials in my opinion is the best advancement to hit the industry. Just about every patient that hits my bed, is concerned with their hyperpigmentation (sun spots) and strive for that clear, even complexion. Photofacials with the Harmony laser target hyperpigmentation and broken capillaries in quick easy treatments, for that clear complexion you love. Now keep in mind, Photofacials can work miracles but you as a client must do the correct regimen at home to maintain and keep the results long term!

Laser Hair Removal and Photofacials are just 2 of the treatments the Harmony delivers. Check out a full list of treatments on our menu, found at Suite Six. Winter is the best time to make a change with Harmony laser, so book your consult today!

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