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What to expect from a Brazilian Wax?

As you know, Brazilian waxing is getting more and more popular. Why is that? Not only does waxing reduce hair growth, but it also helps prevent ingrown hair, which is why so many women have skipped the razor and switched to a monthly wax for relief. If appointments are kept up ,

follicles will not have the chance to repair themselves leaving them damaged, which in this case is exactly what we want…to stunt hair growth! As awkward as Brazilians may seem, it is a much better alternative to shaving.

Have you ever wondered how you should prepare for a waxing appointment? Come prepared, you may shower beforehand and prepare a loose fitting outfit for afterwards. A quick tip is to exfoliate the area with a wash cloth the day before as an extra precaution against ingrown hair. First time waxing clients or those who are extremely sensitive may want to consider a topical numbing cream applied to the area 5-30 minute before a wax. For your comfort, make sure your hair is grown out to the right length. Hair length should only be from ¼ of an inch (a grain of rice) to an inch. Too short hair can result in left behind strays and extensive plucking and the longer the hair, the longer and more painful the process.

After your wax appointment, feel free to use after wax serums/soothers, such as aloe or our favorite Tend Skin, to help soothe redness and prevent ingrown hair. Wear loose fitting clothing after your appointment, to give the open follicles room to breathe. Please be advised that minor spots of bruising can occur, and will heal 48-72 hours after your wax. If you feel any major irritation to the area, never hesitate to call your esthetician. Chances are, your esthetician has a remedy that can help if post waxing discomfort occurs.
At Suite Six, we use a mainly organic Italian strip waxes. Our organic wax sticks only to your hair and not to the skin to prevent trauma to the area. Not to mention, there are no harsh additives or irritants going on the skin. People have often preferred our waxes over others, saying there was no irritation to the area and commending us on a fast and painless experience.

Brazilian waxing is not as bad as it sounds, it is more the anticipation that hurts!
So why not try Suite Six for your next Brazilian?