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Skin Tightening in Boston & Newburyport, MA

Evoke is one of the newest facial rejuvenation treatments available, which offers completely hands-free skin tightening. This treatment tightens and lifts the facial tissue to address signs of aging and leave patients with a more youthful appearance. As a hands-free, non-invasive treatment, it may be a preferred treatment for patients who are looking to avoid surgery and other invasive techniques. However, there’s another huge benefit to consider during a time where we are all concerned about safety. With Evoke’s hands-free technology, patients can enjoy dramatic cosmetic benefits while still following social distancing protocols!

The Benefits of Evoke

The Evoke system uses radiofrequency energy to heat and remodel facial tissue. As the facial tissue is heated, an immediate tightening effect occurs. Furthermore, the radiofrequency energy stimulates the production of collagen, which contributes to added skin tightening and rejuvenation over time. The Evoke system can be used on both the face and neck, effectively addressing the cheeks, jowls and submental area. Additional benefits of this treatment include:

  • Non-invasive & hands-free
  • Immediate results
  • Optimal results in 3 to 6 treatments
  • Results last for years
  • No incisions, scarring or downtime

COVID-Safe Skin Tightening

Currently, one of the biggest advantages of the Evoke treatment is that it requires minimal face-to-face contact between the patient and their treatment provider. After setting up the Evoke treatment, the full treatment will be performed without any hands-on activity from our staff. You can rest comfortably while the Evoke device applies radiofrequency energy to the skin. This process typically takes up to 45 minutes, although the exact duration of the treatment will depend on the treatment area. Overall, Evoke provides a safe and sanitary solution for patients who are seeking facial rejuvenation without exposing themselves to added coronavirus risk.

Is Evoke Right for Me?

As a non-invasive, sanitary and comfortable treatment, Evoke is often a good fit for patients who are interested in achieving facial rejuvenation. To learn more about this treatment or schedule your consultation at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics, contact us today!

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