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Buccal Fat Removal for a Refined Jaw Line

Buccal Fat Removal In Boston MA

The presence of fatty tissue in the cheeks can exaggerate the shape of the face, producing an appearance that some might view as chubby or round. With buccal fat removal, this tissue can be eliminated from the cheeks, enhancing the facial profile and the overall appearance. Unbeknownst to many, buccal fat removal can also enhance the jaw line. Below, we’ll explore how this works!

How Can One Reduce Face Fat?

Like in most other areas of the body, facial fat can respond to changes in diet and exercise. Fortunately, the face is also one of the first areas of the body to reflect these changes. If you are dissatisfied with the contours of the face, enhancing your diet and exercise habits can provide some improvements. At a certain point, however, changing these habits may not lead to further results. It is at this point that many people choose to pursue treatment options like buccal fat removal.

How to Get a More Defined Jaw Line with Buccal Fat Removal

During the buccal fat removal procedure, we can specifically target areas of the face that are responsible for defining the jaw line. By strategically removing the buccal fat pads, we can directly enhance the jaw line to improve its definition and the overall appearance of the face. One of the major benefits of buccal fat removal is that it’s a very simple procedure. Incisions are made inside the mouth, eliminating any visible post-operative scarring.

What to Expect After Treatment

After buccal fat removal, it’s common to experience some soreness and swelling in the cheeks. This may hide the extent of your results, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t see any immediate improvements. The majority of these side effects will resolve within a week and the full results of treatment will become increasingly visible. At this point, patients can resume all of their usual activities. However, be aware that some residual swelling may persist for a few months. We also recommend maintaining healthy diet and exercise habits after treatment, as preventing unhealthy weight gain will ensure that your results last as long as possible.

How Can I Get Started with Buccal Fat Removal?

If you’d like to learn more about the buccal fat removal treatment, or try it for yourself, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Suite Six Medical Aesthetics. We’ll discuss your cosmetic goals and determine if buccal fat removal is your best treatment option.