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5 Reasons You Need A Spring Facial

Spring cleaning is not all about cleaning out the closet or the mess under your bed. What about your skin? Your skin has just survived the harsh cold winter months, deprived of moisture and radiance. Leave the dull, lifeless skin with the dull winter days.

  1. Professional Exfoliation, a professional exfoliation during a facial sloughs off layers of dead skin we simple can’t do at home with our scrubs. Winter’s harsh weather causes dry, flaky, dull skin. A professional exfoliation will slough away your winter damage, leaving you radiant and glowing for the new season.
  2. Deep Cleansing, detoxifying and cleaning out the pores helps you start a new season with healthy skin. Dry skin can often cause clogging, because of built up layers of dead skin which can cause acne breakouts. Deep pore extractions are done by opening the pores, loosening up the dirt inside, and carefully extracting it without discomfort or leaving dark marks.
  3. Professional Masks, a professional mask has ingredients only estheticians are either certified to use, or they are the only ones that can get their hands on it. These ingredients help close the pores and the facial, while targeting your concerns. These masks can target anti-aging, hydration, acne, pigment, etc.
  4. Saving Money in the Future, ask any esthetician and they will prescribe you regular facials even if you are getting the latest photofacial treatment or botox. It isn’t a scheme to take your money either. The reason is that regular facials help prevent, correct, and protect. You can save money by maintaining the results of your expensive Botox or photofacials, etc. You can also save money by preventing conditions in the future, such as acne, pigmentation, even aging. Regular facials can help makeup glide on easier, perhaps not needing makeup at all?
  5. Relaxation and Rejuvenation, Facials generally include a face, neck, and hand massage to relax you and relieve tension. These massages also help drain toxins from your face/neck to both detox and destress. They are good for the mind and soul to relax 1 time a month away from the phone, the kids, and the stress. A massage with one of our Themae facials does just that. We use aromatherapy in the beginning of the facial to relax the senses, and at the end to refresh and awaken the sense. Our massages are unique and include a collagen building ridoki massage for anti-aging and detoxing impurities.